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“Personally, I really like Allegra because it’s effective, stronger than Claritin, and shouldn’t make anyone drowsy. Studies show that Zyrtec may be the most potent, but it can cause drowsiness,” says Ratika Gupta, board-certified allergist, ENT and Allergy Associates in Brooklyn, New York. She regularly prescribes Allegra to her patients, often in addition to a nasal spray, she says.

“Antihistamines in general aren’t as effective at treating hay fever as nasal sprays, so I generally use Allegra for rashes, itching and hives and as an addition to nasal sprays for hay fever symptoms. hay.”

Allegra is generally very well tolerated, adds Dr. Gupta. “It doesn’t need to be taken with food and has minimal interactions with other medications,” she says. “A few people have told me that Allegra makes their stomach hurt or that they don’t feel well. Everyone handles medication differently, but overall I have very few complaints about it.

Allegra interacts with certain citric juices. “I would avoid taking it with apple, grapefruit or orange juice, as this may decrease the effectiveness of the drug.” Dr. Gupta also mentions weight gain as a potential risk of taking Allegra. According to an older research survey from 2010 published in Obesitytaking antihistamines increases the risk of being overweight, although most research indicates a higher risk when taking first-generation antihistamines.

Allegra Allergy products provide substantial allergy relief to most users without the drowsiness and fatigue caused by other medications.

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