Canaan parent cited transgender people being threatened against school, court documents show

Shane Gobeil allegedly threatened Canaan schools on Monday. Photo via Facebook of Canaan Schools
Shane Gobeil. Courtesy picture

Shane Gobeil threatened to ‘show up and kill someone’ at schools in Canaan if his child – a student in the district – was approached by a transgender person or a drag queen at school, according to a police affidavit .

Gobeil made the threat Monday at a New Hampshire store in the presence of two Canaan Schools students, ages 16 and 17, and later repeated it to Vermont state police officers, according to police.

“Don’t take what I said as a threat, take it as a promise,” Gobeil later told a Vermont State Police officer, according to court documents.

Canaan Schools, which comprises two separate buildings – an elementary school and a secondary school that share a campus – accommodates approximately 180 students. Both schools were closed on Tuesday and Wednesday in response to the alleged threat.

Charged with harassment on Tuesday, Gobeil was conditionally released on Wednesday after appearing in a New Hampshire court. In Vermont, Essex County State’s Attorney Vince Illuzzi sought and was granted an Extreme Risk Protection Order, which prohibits Gobeil from buying or possessing dangerous weapons for at least six months. .

Although police searched Gobeil’s residence and found no weapons, he told officers he “intended to exercise his right to own firearms” and said he wanted purchase an AK-47 assault rifle at some point, according to court documents.

The documents indicate that Gobeil was previously convicted of a felony charge of second-degree assault in March 2015. Gobeil was also cited for trespassing on Canaan Schools property over the past week after allegedly harassing students, parents and staff regarding mask recommendations, according to the documents.

The threats allegedly took place Monday at Solomon’s Store, a grocery store in Stewartstown, New Hampshire. According to court documents that cite visual and audio footage of the interaction, Gobeil was speaking with two students in the school’s dress code store.

“The school is changing,” Gobeil said, according to a Vermont State Police affidavit. “Before you know it, there’s gonna be a drag queen show and, you know what, I’m probably gonna show up and kill somebody. Lots of bodies (sic).

“You understand?” he said. “If you ever do this in Canaan and my daughter is in this school, be prepared for the wrath of God.”

A store employee reported the threat to the store manager. Just after 5 p.m. Monday, Principal Ryan Charles Patterson reported the threat to Vermont State Police, passing on footage of the interaction.

According to court documents, the two students later said they were alarmed by Gobeil’s statement. One of the students said he was afraid to go to school the next day.

When Vermont State Police made contact with Gobeil, he reportedly reiterated, “If they’re ever going to have a transgender and drag queens…and bring it right here on my daughter’s face, I’m going to have it.” a big problem with that. …If anyone comes near my daughter with a fucking dick and fucking pantyhose, I’ll kill them.

Vermont State Police troopers said in their report that they told Gobeil “multiple times” that his statements were about students, teachers and parents of children who attend the school.

“Gobeil indicated that he didn’t care and would say whatever he wanted because it was his right to do so,” the affidavit reads.

Following the threat, Canaan Schools closed their high school and primary school on Tuesday and Wednesday, which would have been the last two days of the school year.

According to the New Hampshire State Police arrest warrant, the school had already served Gobeil with two separate notices against trespassing forms.

In December 2021, Gobeil reportedly showed up at school and yelled at the administrative assistant for wearing a mask.

Following this incident and a warning, Gobeil allegedly confronted a mother and two students for wearing masks twice. He was then served with a trespassing notification form.

On June 7, 2022, the Essex County Sheriff’s Department served him with another Notice Against Trespassing form. According to court documents, Superintendent Conroy said the order stemmed from Gobeil upsetting students, parents and staff about wearing face masks.

According to court records, Gobeil was released on recognizance, with conditions, in New Hampshire court on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to the standard release conditions, he is prohibited from having contact with Patterson and the two Solomon’s Store students. He is also prohibited from possessing firearms or other dangerous weapons.

Gobeil’s trial is scheduled for August 11 at the 1st Circuit District Court in Colebrook, New Hampshire. He is charged with harassment, an offense punishable by imprisonment for less than a year and a fine of $2,000 or less.

Illuzzi told VTDigger on Wednesday that the state of Vermont was unable to charge Gobeil because the threat was made in New Hampshire.

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