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Hair care is booming. More specifically, high-tech hair care. One of the only beauty categories to see growth in 2020 (with sales up 3%, according to consulting firm Kline), the health of our hair has become just as important as that of our skin. As salons closed for months during the lockdown, many of us turned to treatments and masks to improve our hair care at home. Now our hair care routine is like our skin care routine.

With demand comes supply, and the past year has seen an abundance of new, high-quality products hit the mainstream. We’re talking serums to soothe your scalp, masks to lighten color, and shampoos that feature ingredients that are good for the skin. Dubbed the “skinification” of hair by experts, the latest formulas are more sophisticated and high-tech than ever.

From Augustinus Bader’s Deluxe Scalp Treatment to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Molecular Hair Collection, we take a look at the next generation products that are making waves in the industry. Plus, find out why, according to trichologist Annabel Kingsley, the skin on our scalp deserves the same treatment as our face.

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The latest high-tech hair products

Two of the biggest beauty names in skin care, Dr Augustinus Bader and Dr Barbara Sturm, have recently entered the hair care category. “In my work as a doctor and researcher, I have observed many similarities between skin tone and the specialized cells that make up the scalp and hair follicles,” says Dr. Augustinus Bader. “Like the skin, hair is governed by natural forces that slow down over time, causing unwanted but reversible effects. “

Think about tarnishing, thinning, and breakage. To help get hair back on track, Dr. Bader has applied his award-winning technology for skin repair to the scalp and hair follicles with a deluxe line of five mane changing products.

As you might expect (judging by its skincare range), hair care heroes are pricey – ranging from £ 38 to £ 65. But to prove they’re worth it, they’re backed by some impressive clinical trials. For example, in just four weeks the shampoo increased strength by 56% and in 8 weeks the leave-in hair treatment increased strength by 152.94%. The key ingredient? A patented complex called TFC8 technology – which is essentially a cocktail of amino acids, vitamins and synthesized molecules – which together stimulate the body’s repair and renewal processes.

The best hair masks for strong, silky strands

Dr. Barbara Sturm has also taken a ‘skinification’ approach to her hair care line. “I’ve always thought that the scalp is an extension of our face,” she says, “it needs a lot of attention because it’s bombarded with the same stressors like pollution, sun, dye. hair, styling and product build-up. “To combat the impact of these stressors, she has created a collection of 8 high performance products that address a variety of issues ranging from dehydration and dullness to irritation and scaling. Across the range, you find quality ingredients for skin care like hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and provitamin B5.

Do we really need to use high tech hair care?

According to trichologist Annabel Kingsley, the skin on our scalp deserves the same treatment as our face. “The scalp is just skin; it sweats, secretes sebum and removes dead skin cells, ”she says. “You also bring your hair and scalp to the same places as your face and, therefore, they are exposed to the same pollutants. Just as we wouldn’t go a day without washing our face, so too can our scalp.

“Daily shampoo is an absolute must if you have a scalp problem or if you have thin hair,” says Kingsley. However, if you have very thick, long, or thick hair, shampooing daily may not be realistic. “In any case, don’t leave more than three days between washes.”

In addition to shampoo, Kingsley recommends the following:

  • Toner: “Tone your scalp daily with a product suitable for your scalp type. This will help stimulate the scalp and prevent flaking and fat throughout the day. “
  • Mask: “Use a weekly targeted intensive hair mask and intensive conditioning hair mask.”
  • Exfoliate: “Regular scalp exfoliation helps keep the skin hydrated and supple. It also gently removes dead cells and dander. A scaly scalp is known to cause and / or worsen hair loss in some people, making exfoliation an important part of your hair care routine.

While you don’t have to part with £ 60 to take care of your hair, there are some benefits to splurging a bit more on your scalp care. First, high-end products often leave out known irritants like sulfates, silicones, PEGs, microplastics, and fragrances. Second, they often contain high quality ingredients that have been tested and reviewed in clinical trials and user trials. Plus, they’re guaranteed (in the case of Augustinus Bader and Dr Barbara Sturm, at least) to raise your #shelfie bathroom by 10987%. Sold?

If your hair isn’t playing ball right now, it might be time to create a skin care routine for your scalp.

Want to take care of your hair? Turn your head to the latest high-tech heroes promising a great hairdressing day to come…


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