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Miami, Florida— US Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy to discuss the challenges facing America, the border crisis, inflation and more. See below for highlights and watch the full interview here.

On the biggest challenges facing America today:

“The number one priority of the federal government must always be the security of our country. This worries me in the short term. There are still terrorists in the world who want to kill Americans. There are still Iranian elements in the world who want to hurt us and our allies. We have seen the carnage that [Vladimir] Putin has… inflicted on the Ukrainian people. And certainly the long term Chinese have a plan to move America. This always concerns me first and foremost.

“These short to medium term challenges that we have are problematic not only because they are bad problems, but because the people in the White House are both incompetent and seem disinterested or indifferent to one of them. The things they are focusing on are not the things that threaten the country right now.”

On the importance of border security:

“Fortunately, most Americans aren’t politicians. So the way they see this issue is common sense. Common sense… says, ‘Yes, we have an immigration system. We are very generous. A million people come to this country every year after waiting maybe a decade on a green card. But we have to have rules or a process by which we decide who enters, when they enter, [and] how they enter. This involves telling some people they can’t get in, at least not yet. That’s why you have a border and… border security.

“The left and [the] The White House…seems to promote things that encourage people to come here illegally. We have a big problem at the border now. Trade will get worse…. Our government knows full well that hundreds of thousands of people are about to try to enter the country illegally this summer because they rightly believe that if they can cross the border [and] say the magic words [an] application for asylum, they will be able to stay,… have a work permit and receive benefits. They arrive, [and] we will again have a strong and massive wave of illegal immigration. That’s already 6,000 a day right now.

On inflation, the supply chain crisis and the Biden administration’s mismanagement of the economy:

“[President Biden and his administration] have to admit that we have a problem. For a year they denied it. They said the inflation was not going to be real. They pumped $1.9 trillion of borrowed government money into the economy. This worsened inflation.

“We’re going to have a supply chain crisis again. We already have one. We are going to have a very serious one coming up, because…we are too dependent on China…. Shanghai has been closed for about six weeks. So this will lead to this problem. This will add to inflation.

“[The Biden administration has] been hostile to oil and natural gas, which we have in abundance [of] here in the United States. The price of this will continue to rise.

“Even if people find jobs and even raises, inflation eats away at them even faster. Inflation is not 8.5%. Inflation is 30% for food and 40% for the rest. It’s for the things that people need on a daily basis. Inflation is way over eight and a half percent, and real people know that. You go to the grocery store and buy $100 worth of stuff. It doesn’t look like $100 groceries, and people notice it every time they go there.

On what Republicans will be able to do with a majority in Congress:

“A [thing we will be able to do] is to prevent bad things from happening. You can put away all those crazy ideas from the far left, those woke ideas, [and this] hazelnut. You can put this thing away. [We will also be able to] pass common sense bills, laws, laws and measures, and challenge the president to veto them. We’ll see if he does. I think it puts a huge pressure on [the Democrats].

“What are some of the things we can start doing? Diversify our supply chains, do things that will encourage manufacturing more in America if possible, or closer to America, so we don’t depend so much on China. Get rid of those rules – through legislation, and maybe even through this procedure that we now have to undo the executive orders and rule-making – that have made oil and gas expansion so difficult natural Americans, and allow some of that domestic supply to start growing…. Also, the markets will know that they don’t have to worry about new trillion-dollar spending programs that will make inflation worse.

“We can do good things. We can prevent any bad thing from happening. And we can start pressuring this White House to sign common sense legislation on the things that people care about every day, without ticking the box on every woke, liberal, leftist, and Marxist priority that [the Democrats’] the radical base insists.


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