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Students in and around Trimble County hope to have an impact on students in Mayfield, Ky., a town devastated by a tornado in December.

The Trimble County Junior/Senior High Art Club came up with the idea of ​​providing students at Mayfield High School with a journal and hand-drawn crayons, a “kind of therapy” for the students to “make them knowing that they are not alone,” according to art teacher Bonnie Peugeot Meadows.

A total of 1,585 newspapers were created, but not alone. Sixth graders in Milton and Bedford Elementary wrote 100 journals, middle schoolers in Carroll County did 200, students in Switzerland County, Indiana did 300, and students at Shawe Memorial in Madison, Indiana did. makes 45. The art club also spent their money on pencils for the students.

The package includes a letter to the principal and students of Mayfield High School. “We are sending these journals and crayons to let your students know they are not alone,” it read.

The journals contain messages for students, as well as student email addresses in case Mayfield students want to reach out and make a friend. Shawe’s students wrote prayers.

Trimble County Art Club member Breanna Williams said: ‘I think it was really important for us to be a part of this and to help them. She noted that Trimble County is also vulnerable to a tornado and the same could happen to them one day, then they will need help.

Art club president Maria Pugh said it was important to “show them [Mayfield students] They are not alone.

Peugeot Meadows shipped the care package on May 24. Williams and Pugh helped pack the box that day, even though the regular school year was over.


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