Vicki Ward: Terminally Ill Capitalism Is Eating Health Care Alive


This commentary is from Vicki Ward, who has a master’s degree in nursing and lived in Barnard for many years before moving to Hancock County, Maine.

The medical-industrial complex attacks anyone with any credibility who threatens its Corporate Moneycare narrative.

Nurses have known since the 1990s that if someone in their care is hospitalized, it is best to step in to defend them and help them with their care.

As business consultants, initially used by MD hospital administrators to maximize their income, have become the owners of America’s new Moneycare, these same administrators have begun firing doctors who don’t toe the party line.

Recall that health care in the United States, with the worst coverage in the developing world, now accounts for 20% of US GDP! Without a strong “good jobs” program, such as green jobs, non-clinical staff will not have a worthy alternative to relocation. And the physician community that has appealed to corporations to increase their reimbursements is watching in horror the loss of control over their work environment, patient relationships, and patient care choices.

Terminal capitalism is eating us alive, and we all seem frozen. We need to get out of our response to PTSD!

The application of commercial principles to health care in the United States meant that every widely reimbursed medical procedure, operation, drug, or treatment was maximized. According to the American Service Fee Coding Program, revised annually and advocated by the Physicians Union (referred to as the Professional Organization-AMA) since the 1960s, this manual is a requirement for Medicare/Medicaid billing and is therefore also used by all private insurers. .

This was created when the medical community realized that if government health care was established in the United States, they would lose their income levels and stand without the promise of Congress to bless this Billing Bible medical. Do you wonder why we don’t have mental health care, addiction care, let alone public health, community health, and home hospice run by nonprofit nurses? These care activities bring in less revenue per code. It’s as simple as that.

Why do big hospitals love NICUs, ICUs, CCUs, transplant operations, keeping people with cancer alive another week in aggressive treatment despite the fact that they will die in a few weeks? Because in this Billing Bible, these are coded. You get more money per activity. Professional coders review healthcare bills before they even come out, to ensure maximum reimbursement.

This system explains how corporations have steered American health care away from care goals that balance multiple human health needs, including inpatient mental health care (whose more person-centered costs were covered by surgical reimbursement high), with physical health care in any individual hospital system. Instead of balancing patient needs, financial gain became the goal and health care systems grew larger, benefiting more profiteers.

Vermonters, prepare to welcome more American patients who will need women’s health services, as half of the states prepare to treat women like the property we always are, in accordance with American law. Vermonters may want to take a trip to Mexico, as cross-border primary care visits by a qualified medical provider are only $8. Can you imagine how different healthcare in the United States would be if our office visits were this reasonable? Or, maybe people from the Burlington airport can create a weekend round trip to Mexico, which will cost less for dental, primary care, and even health care procedure tourism. health.

Speaking of women as property, all of the traditional female occupations—childcare, teaching, and nursing—are experiencing shortages. Think there’s a theme there? Could it be that in the United States, despite all attempts at feminist gains, women’s work remains under constant attack and working conditions deteriorate? Who will take care of you? A robot?

Who will take care of your child, since two adults have to work to support a family in terminal capitalism? As teachers’ salaries remain low and their pensions erode, who will teach? Will we have a group of workers living in a housing ghetto who will never be able to afford their own housing, but who are expected to perform for us? What are you going to call it? Bringing in “grateful refugees” helps reduce costs.

Other authors have also explained the plunder of Medicare with Medicare Advantage programs that use “creative billing” – really lying and fraud – to make more money per patient. What’s even worse about this AMA coding process is that doctors got politicians in the 1960s to enshrine in law that Medicare and Medicaid must use this coding process. The MD Union, the AMA, makes huge sums every year revising this coding system that everyone must use to bill for health care services. Guess what the AMA does with the money? Lobbies for more power and control over the health care dollar. Last year, health was the third largest lobbying expenditure. Number 2 was real estate. Who wants the status quo?

Healthcare entities have bought and sold hospital/healthcare properties that we have built with taxpayer dollars. Resident doctors, who complain about their income, 70% of which is paid for by Medicare dollars, also commonly used to buy property in the state they train for four years (maybe more) , including Burlington, and resell at great value after it’s been used, or keep it in their portfolio as a rental.

While residents certainly need to revise their training program, as degrading demands and attacks in their hierarchical system of medicine contribute to their unrealistic sense of entitlement, residents earn more annual incomes than many other American workers.

The poor old hospitals received money when the hospitals were empty, when they were too full of patients and when they were not full enough. There are growth funds approved every year, but they hold other aspects of human health hostage, now relegated to homelessness, private prisons and death alone.

The latest horror is the proclamation by hospitals (whose policies have driven out healthcare workers, including nurses) to send patients who would normally be hospitalized alone, home alone, with an iPad and a smartwatch to be “admitted” for “the hospital”. care” at home. What else are these vulture capitalists going to invent?? How long are we going to continue this nightmare?

US Moneycare will cry bloody murder if we create health care for all. Yes, priorities will change. Some of the people who are barely holding on will pass. Millions upon millions of children, their families, could regain public health, basic primary care, and mental health/addiction care attendance. The people in power and control who created this system will never fix it. We need to replace them with qualified people who have a broader framework like the one we had in the 1960s, balancing community care needs, acute care, home care and dying with dignity.

The influence we have to create a better health care system in the United States includes the culpability of the entire medical community in the opioid epidemic. Doctors would like you to believe that ‘opioid sellers’ have overcome their wits to over-prescribe controlled drugs for more than 17 years, so that half a million patients have directly died, and at least one more half a million died.

This error has been made by doctors in their past in a cyclical manner. The current narrative that patients licked opioids off the treadmill is another lie. There are plenty of guilty partners, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, boards of medicine, health and human services, who have seen all of this happen. Worse still, clinicians have seen this happen and if they spoke up their careers were often destroyed.

The real problem is a class war of the rich against everyone else, and that includes doctors and health care. As Voltaire wrote, “Those who can make you believe nonsense can make you commit atrocities.”

But, like a good government, we must get involved in the process of achieving health care for all, eliminating service fees, getting all our buildings back as taxpayers’ property, revising medical education so that it be more humane and collegial so that multiple healthy talents can work together, create good health care systems.

Sometimes the doctors would be the leader and sometimes the social workers would be. We must overcome this hierarchical, strangling and ever-engulfing system of terminal Moneycare Capitalism.

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